Culturally Responsive

Renee's work is linked to their herstory. See how she teaches & why.

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Critical & Reflective Thinkers

Thoughts from previous students about their personal growth.

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Curriculum Vitae

Want to see what I've done and who I have worked with?

Renee believes teachers/facilitators/professors should: 

  • Talk less & listen more
  • Facilitate inquiry-based learning & engage in critical thinking pedagogy
  • Be anti-racist & model feminism
  • Just be anti-oppressive, in general
  • Empower participants to be self-sustaining & self-leading
  • Provide space for self, group & systemic reflection
  • Create a safe environment that encourages learning & poses challenging opportunities to grow
  • Demystify the single story narrative by presenting material that investigates multiple narratives
  • Create art &/or expose students to art-making, as it is a significant tool that opens people up to creating change within themselves & their community


Renee work with schools, non-profit organizations, businesses, etc. 

Here are some of the places she has collaborated with:

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