This is Renee B. Floresca

Renee hopes to inspire young/brown/Asian/Spanish-colonized artists through theater, storytelling, celebrating diversity, honoring non-dominant perspectives, critical thinking & embodying the struggles of those on the outskirts of society. 


The Florida 15 Play 

also known as

Diwang Pinay

Based on a true story, Renee played the lead character of the play, Josie, who was a female representation of an actual man named Jojo who trafficked Filipinxs to America. The following is a news clip of various people in the Filipinx community speaking about their experience in the play, their knowledge of the issues surrounding the case and educating others about the real struggles of those in similar positions. 




Facing Our Truth

Renee was in two short plays in the Facing Our Truth collection. All were written as a tribute to Trayvon Martin and other black victims of police brutality. This particular play was one of Renee's most vital work, as it created in her an urgency to be a part of telling stories that are not only underrepresented in mainstream theater, but works like this can radically shift one's view on building empathy for others. The writers in this series of plays highlighted the work Renee aspires to constantly be a part of in her career as an actor. 




Reviews & Such... 

Article from The Kingsman at Brooklyn College



"Nanay, Tatay, Anak" Interview

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