Photo Credit: Larry D. Rosalez-Lewis

Photo Credit: Larry D. Rosalez-Lewis

Renee Rises. Born & bred in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now livin' and nerdin' out in Brooklyn. She's been frolicking New York City streets since 2008, when she began her career as a special educator in the boogie down Bronx. In 2013, she became a full-time performer, writer & independent educator. 

People are most familiar with her original theater work Sidewalk Sisters; Nanay, Tatay, Anak; and Undressing the Fragments. You can catch Renee on the stage in a play, on a commercial, in a short sketch or film, rapping in NYC in a cypher, in the studio, in a story slam, reading her poetry, and in various classrooms-- teaching educators about diversity & inclusion or sharing knowledge with willing learners.

Renee's a big nerd. She earned a BA in Sociology at UC Santa Barbara, an MSE in Special Education at the City College of New York, and an MFA in Acting at Brooklyn College. Renee's a disobedient listener, proud feminist, dog lover, Filipina American, poet, Warriors fan, an avid (Elite) Yelper, vintage store connoisseur and a critical race theorist. 

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RENEE RISES. Actor. Educator. Writer.