Actor. Educator. Writer. 


Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Renee is a Filipina actor, educator & writer based in Brooklyn. 

Renee's first audition was with a local community theater, called Youth Actor's Workshop in Richmond, California. It was here she had her first experiences of how to take personal narratives and transform them into art. Renee uses her voice to share narratives not yet highlighted in today's society. 

Creator of original theater works Sidewalk Sisters; Nanay, Tatay, Anak; and Undressing the Fragments, Renee uses theater, hip hop, story telling, poetry & improv to lead her life & the students she shares the world with.

Renee is a disobedient listener, proud feminist, dog lover,  YAY AREA SPORTS FAN ALL DAY: Warriors & Niners & Giants (she's got love for The Raiders & A's, just didn't grow up that way), she's an avid (Elite) Yelper & has written over a 100 reviews, vintage store connoisseur (she knows all the Brooklyn & Bay Area gems), critical race theorist, Special Education advocate, rapper & freestyler.

Renee is a poet, essayist, playwright, Brooklyn College adjunct lecturer, theater creator, and a she likes to think of herself as healthy-- though Hot Cheetos & pizza are two of her weaknesses. 

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