I was reading a story aloud to my 8th grade students in the Bronx

in our English class.

It was my 5th year teaching.

During the inquiry based discussion,

my student raises his hand and says,

"Ms. Flo, why aren't you an actor?"


Then, I started acting.


The rest is herstory.

I work with schools, non-profit organizations, businesses, etc. 



Culturally Responsive

Renee's work is linked to their herstory. See how she teaches & why.

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Critical & Reflective Thinkers

Thoughts from previous students about their personal growth.

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Curriculum Vitae

Want to see what I've done and who I have worked with?

I believe teachers/facilitators/professors should: 

  • Talk less & listen more
  • Facilitate inquiry-based learning & engage in critical thinking pedagogy
  • Be anti-racist & model feminism
  • Just be anti-oppressive, in general
  • Empower participants to be self-sustaining & self-leading
  • Provide space for self, group & systemic reflection
  • Create a safe environment that encourages learning & poses challenging opportunities to grow
  • Demystify the single story narrative by presenting material that investigates multiple narratives
  • Create art &/or expose students to art-making, as it is a significant tool that opens people up to creating change within themselves & their community